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Virtualized Intel VT-x/EPT is disabled for this ESX VM

Today i have seend the following error,when i was attempting to install Vmware Esxi5 on my laptop through Vmware workstation8.


Virtualized Intel VT-x/EPT is disabled for this ESX VM. You will only be able to run 32-bit nested VMs.

First of all I assumed that I need to enable something in the BIOS on my laptop,in bios i found the Intel VT-x/EPT but it was already enabled in the bios.I searched every settings related for the virtulization in bios,all were perfect,the problem is i was trying to virtualize a virtualization product, so all the extended VT settings from your physical machines CPU will be shown to VMware workstation. But that presents a Virtual CPU to the OS you are installing as a guest (In the case above ESXi5) and That virtual CPU does NOT have Intel- VT-x/EPT enabled.

So a “Nested VM” – is a Guest VM, running Inside a Guest Hypervisor, that””””s been virtualized.

Solution :-

In my case I””””m using VMware workstation 8.

1. Right click the on VM and select “Settings”.

2. Hardware Tab > Processors > Tick the option to enable VT-x/EPT or V/RVI > OK.

3. Restart the guest machine.

Note: You can also do this be editing the machines .vmx file with a text editor and adding the following lines;


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